flies to 3 different countries in 3 mins


Joonyoung dancing :)


Click here to watch Jon Stewart discuss Fox News’s coverage of Ferguson, Missouri.





ultimate ice bucket challenge aesthetic. 

For those of you who cant understand: “Hi I’m Donatella Fversace. Excepted the ice bucke shallenge and uh I nominate Perdon Bolfnsdkgl, Fa Rell, en Priss. Em no jus here to fruin my meku please nonate to AF’sL. No fect AHHHVHSDFDSHF”


rip aaliyah and thank you for all the relevant looks you gave us in this video that came out 13 years ago


Joo Won The Star November 2013


The pity game; the team that cry first wins.

This comment made me laugh so much I was the first who cried.

musical trip into running man

this mix can sound super random but for hadcore fans of the variety show Running Man like myself, all those songs have a special meaning.

The show counts more than 200 episodes now. The thing about Running Man is their capacity of finding the right music for the right moment. That’s one of the reason why we love this show so much.

Listen to this playlist and remember your favourite moment of the show

the giraffe is a betrayer even in the ice bucket challenge

quite intense


is this beautiful solidarity too much for you, anon?

(also, i feel bad for you.)

I cried a little. Humanity is not dead after all. There is some hope. 

Confidence goals: Kanye West 

Attitude goals: Rihanna

Money goals: Beyonce